descriptionYakuake is a drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology.
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2c081e7 Harald Sitter update desktop file name master
87f7321 Martin Gräßlin Use KWayland to absolute position the window
b3137c1 Martin Gräßlin Include fixx11h.h
3cb0aab Martin Gräßlin Always use slide window effect on Wayland
36ba26e Martin Gräßlin Make yakuake work on Wayland
e43389e Olivier CHURLAUD Add the QCommandLineParser options.
a191cf6 Eike Hein Bump.
b9261cf Eike Hein Bump ... v3.0.2
3cbb50d Eike Hein Install appdata file again.
0fa124b Eike Hein Bump.
fd1cd72 Eike Hein Update. v3.0.1
c3694f5 Eike Hein Fix icon names.
ee41235 Eike Hein Bump.
fab7d15 Eike Hein Be pedantic. v3.0
74ac75b Eike Hein Drop old FAQ.
581f5d8 Eike Hein Update NEWS.
v3.0.2 Tagging Yakuake v3.0.2.
v3.0.1 Tagging Yakuake v3.0.1.
v3.0 Tagging Yakuake 3.0.
show Tagging Yakuake 2.9.9.
v2.9.9 Tagging Yakuake 2.9.9.
v2.9.8 Tagging Yakuake 2.9.8.
v2.9.7 Tagging Yakuake 2.9.7.
v2.9.5 Tag the correct revision as 2.9.5. I mistakenly overwrote the 2.9.5 tag when tagging 2.9.6.
v2.9.6 Tag r969837 as 2.9.6. I originally wqmistakenly overwrote the tag for 2.9.5 when tagging 2.9.6.
v2.9.4 Tagging Yakuake 2.9.4.
v2.9.3 Tagging Yakuake 2.9.3.
v2.9.2 Tagging Yakuake 2.9.2.
v2.9.1 Tagging Yakuake 2.9.1.
v2.9 Tagging Yakuake 2.9.
v2.9-beta1 Tagging Yakuake 2.9-beta1.
v2.8.1 Tagging Yakuake 2.8.1.