descriptionA collection manager for books, movies, music, and anything else
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61651b1 Christoph Feck Add needed Find*.cmake files from KDELibs4Support
v2.9.91 Released Tellico 2.9.91, a.k.a. 3.0-beta1
v2.3.11 Release Tellico 2.3.11
v2.3.10 Rrelease Tellico 2.3.10
v2.3.9 Tagging Tellico 2.3.9.
v2.3.8 Tellico 2.3.8
v2.3.7 Release Tellico 2.3.7
v2.3.6 Release Tellico 2.3.6.
v2.3.5 Tellico 2.3.5
v2.3.4 tag Tellico 2.3.4
v2.3.3 tag Tellico 2.3.3
v2.3.2 Tellico 2.3.2
v2.3.1 tag Tellico 2.3.1
v2.3 Tagging Tellico 2.3
v2.2 release tellico 2.2
v2.1.1 tag Tellico 2.1.1
v2.1 tag Tellico 2.1