descriptionAn OCS compatible web service for publishing application add-ons from upstream projects directly to users via a git repository.
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9fe0d0e Andreas Cord-Landwehr Make C & C++ reference documentation available. master
71b4f5a Andreas Cord-Landwehr Make KF5 API available via GHNS
4b29783 Aleix Pol Make Qwt and STL qch available to KDevelop QtHelp…
dd02c84 Friedrich Karl Tilman Pülz Add more public transport provider plugins
a557ea0 Friedrich Karl Tilman Pülz Add X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name entry
eeb3179 Friedrich Karl Tilman Pülz Initial provider for PublicTransport provider plu…
d8ed149 Benjamin Port Update documentation version for kdelibs and kdep…
73f3d90 Benjamin Port Update documentation version for kdelibs, kdepiml…
c008104 Matthias Fuchs Updates version.
310105b Matthias Fuchs Uses zip for drkonqi-crash-scripts and also tests…
ee8082e Matthias Fuchs Adds synchotron source for DrKonqi.
cdccf43 Aaron Seigo add a quickstart
0771e50 Benjamin Port Add grantlee documentation access for kdevelop
0f8c549 Aaron Seigo add X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name entries
9bae68f Aaron Seigo update the readme
c3e127e Aaron Seigo simplify