descriptionAutomates building separate (KDE) repositories in one go using plain CMake, similar to kdesrc-build.
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cc786bd Valentin Rusu Adding QtNetworkManager and QtModemManager master
3ec2909 Valentin Rusu Introducint SB_SRC_CLONE_DIR variable
b83a97a Alex Neundorf -add a switch to not print all projects which are…
56a8141 Alex Neundorf -use "git pull" instead of "git fetch" fir updati…
5a12693 Alex Neundorf -change order, so dependencies can be actually ad…
65398d5 Alex Neundorf -add the projects which are still in svn
0caef93 Alex Neundorf -add a file with the current git urls, so it's ea…
f7c6813 Alex Neundorf add some comments..
ac4fd51 Alex Neundorf -add option SUBDIR, so the subdir for each subpro…
2031b95 Alex Neundorf Add a project "Everything" which contains everyth…
bc1072d Valentin Rusu Added libkactivities
d4daae4 Valentin Rusu Added kdegames and office (calligra)
406bbfa Valentin Rusu Added kdemultimedia
486c95d Valentin Rusu Added some extragear projects
e342681 Valentin Rusu Added QCA
6dff6a2 Valentin Rusu Added