descriptionQt binding to use the Jolie service oriented framework.
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0ad1277 Matthieu Gallien qt5 port of QtJolie
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f6eca81 Kevin Ottens We're still missing a couple of things in there, …
7176008 Kevin Ottens Add a release script which does the following: 0.0.1
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acc580f Kevin Ottens Add a small control app for the Vision proof of c…
0f8bde9 Kevin Ottens Add missing meta type.
e0db859 Kevin Ottens Add a Yahoo! web service client example.
33bef2f Kevin Ottens Provide Jolie::Value::List typedef.
79304a1 Kevin Ottens addRedirection() now uses Values for the protocol…
d991fc1 Kevin Ottens Forgot to adjust the unit tests.