descriptionprison is a barcode api currently offering a nice Qt api to produce QRCode barcodes and DataMatrix barcodes, and can easily be made support more.
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beb567b Christoph Feck Fix typo master
3ec6541 Raymond Wooninck Set also QT_QTGUI_LIBARARY as that this variable …
004a27f Montel Laurent increase ECM
88a8ad2 Hrvoje Senjan Use PRISON_VERSION_MAJOR for SOVERSION
3b78e9d Martin Gräßlin Use ECM to locate the correct install paths on a …
7ca0dd1 Montel Laurent Fix major for qt5
c44222a Montel Laurent Fix option description
653b3b3 Montel Laurent Generate cmake config version file
d3feea6 Montel Laurent Allow to build with qt5 and qt4
218d6c4 Montel Laurent Add automoc, increase cmake version
9e86005 Felix Geyer Fix the library version. v1.1.1
0a3367c Raymond Wooninck Bump version to 1.1.0 v1.1.0
934a0a1 Montel Laurent Pedantic
0fdddb6 Sune Vuorela Don't forward mousePressEvent in barcode widget w…
7cf8aee Sune Vuorela Implement Code93 barcodes. Code by Geoffry Song
d9ccb1d Sune Vuorela Don't crash on empty strings in DataMatrixBarcode
v1.1.1 Prison 1.1.1
v1.1.0 Prison 1.1.0