descriptionQt wrapper around polkit-1 client libraries, used by kdelibs to provide the polkit-1 kauth backend and by KDE's polkit client.
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50624e0 Allen Winter polkitqtlistener.cpp - pedantic master
1b4b6b7 Heiko Becker Fix build with -DBUILD_TEST=TRUE
15c7867 Alex Richardson Allow compilation with older polkit versions
4528ea9 David Edmundson Fix compilation with Qt5.6
d2b6703 David Edmundson Drop use of deprecated Qt functions
d1bcbbe Martin Gräßlin Add wrapper for polkit_system_bus_name_get_user_s…
bdc30be Martin Gräßlin Add .reviewboardrc
fb1667a Alex Richardson Fix QDBusArgument assertion
3882e11 Allen Winter fix build with Qt4, which doesn't have QStringLit…
88c6e93 Harald Sitter do not use global static systembus instance
40afa67 Martin Briza Bump the minor release number, prepare for release v0.112.0
45f84c9 Hrvoje Senjan Don't use set_and_check macro for POLKITQT-1_POLI…
9c02ab4 Hrvoje Senjan Unbreak examples and tests build after commit c0d…
f4bf968 Michael Palimaka Qt5Xml is only required for examples.
c0d8692 Hrvoje Senjan Minor buildsystem improvement
41573eb Martin Briza Fix undefined behavior introduced in d8e3de62.
v0.112.0 polkit-qt-1-0.112.0
v0.103.0 Tag version 0.103.0
v0.99.0 Tagging version 0.99.0.