descriptionPerl bindings for the Qt libraries.
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aef0c7d David Faure set cmake_min_req to enable new policies master
80c7cdd Chris Burel Fix cmake dependency on optional smoke components.
557d353 Olivier Lahaye Fix cmake 2.6 support, which lacks string(SUBSTRI…
25749a4 Olivier Lahaye Fix puic generated code for qt3support widgets.
e8a30b7 Olivier Lahaye Fix problems with puic4 -x code generation.
926ba6b Albert Astals Cid Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/KDE/4.14'
b1d2bb3 Chris Burel Use a copy of the Qt::AutoLoad::AUTOLOAD variable. KDE/4.14 v4.14.3
5611154 Petr Pisar Fix for the SvREFCNT_inc issue
1b66584 Chris Burel Use a copy of the Qt::AutoLoad::AUTOLOAD variable. Applications/14.12
4c601ce Petr Pisar Fix for the SvREFCNT_inc issue
8ab2259 Hrvoje Senjan Be honest KDE/4.12 KDE/4.13 v4.11.80 v4.11.90 v4.11.95 v4.11.97 v4.12.0 v4.12.1 v4.12.2 v4.12.3 v4.12.4 v4.12.5 v4.12.80 v4.12.90 v4.12.95 v4.12.97 v4.13.0 v4.13.1 v4.13.2 v4.13.3 v4.13.80 v4.13.90 v4.13.95 v4.13.97 v4.14.0 v4.14.1 v4.14.2
d4627fb Chris Burel Fixes for perl 5.18
aa2083b Chris Burel Changes to support perl 5.18.0.
66c339d Chris Burel Make CUSTOM_PERL_SITE_ARCH_DIR default to a path … KDE/4.10 KDE/4.11 v4.10.5 v4.10.80 v4.10.90 v4.10.95 v4.10.97 v4.11.0 v4.11.1 v4.11.2 v4.11.3 v4.11.4 v4.11.5
9cafb80 Ben Cooksley Ensure all needed include directories are added
89e4596 Chris Burel Apply a patch from coderworld to correctly find c… KDE/4.8 KDE/4.9 v4.10.0 v4.10.1 v4.10.2 v4.10.3 v4.10.4 v4.8.1 v4.8.2 v4.8.3 v4.8.4 v4.8.5 v4.8.80 v4.8.90 v4.8.95 v4.8.97 v4.9.0 v4.9.1 v4.9.2 v4.9.3 v4.9.4 v4.9.5 v4.9.80 v4.9.90 v4.9.95 v4.9.97 v4.9.98
v4.14.3 Create tag for 4.14.3
v4.14.2 Create tag for 4.14.2
v4.14.1 Create tag for 4.14.1
v4.14.0 Create tag for 4.14.0
v4.13.97 Create tag for 4.13.97
v4.13.95 Create tag for 4.13.95
v4.13.3 Create tag for 4.13.3
v4.13.90 Create tag for 4.13.90
v4.13.80 Create tag for 4.13.80
v4.13.2 Create tag for 4.13.2
v4.13.1 Create tag for 4.13.1
v4.12.5 Create tag for 4.12.5
v4.13.0 Create tag for 4.13.0
v4.12.4 Create tag for 4.12.4
v4.12.97 Create tag for 4.12.97
v4.12.95 Create tag for 4.12.95