descriptionPerl bindings for libraries created by the KDE community.
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acf7b35 Ben Cooksley Reflect change 66c339d4216cc834014c38617c664647cf… Applications/14.12 KDE/4.11 KDE/4.12 KDE/4.13 KDE/4.14 master v4.11.3 v4.11.4 v4.11.5 v4.11.80 v4.11.90 v4.11.95 v4.11.97 v4.12.0 v4.12.1 v4.12.2 v4.12.3 v4.12.4 v4.12.5 v4.12.80 v4.12.90 v4.12.95 v4.12.97 v4.13.0 v4.13.1 v4.13.2 v4.13.3 v4.13.80 v4.13.90 v4.13.95 v4.13.97 v4.14.0 v4.14.1 v4.14.2 v4.14.3
8daeaa0 Pino Toscano cmake: use the smokeqtcore and smokekdecore inclu… KDE/4.10 v4.10.5 v4.10.80 v4.10.90 v4.10.95 v4.10.97 v4.11.0 v4.11.1 v4.11.2
6e31e8b Jonathan Riddell tidy cmake output v4.10.0 v4.10.1 v4.10.2 v4.10.3 v4.10.4 v4.9.90 v4.9.95 v4.9.97 v4.9.98
137efc2 Ian Monroe Removed perlqt. KDE/4.7 KDE/4.8 KDE/4.9 v4.6.90 v4.6.95 v4.7.0 v4.7.1 v4.7.2 v4.7.3 v4.7.4 v4.7.90 v4.7.95 v4.7.97 v4.8.0 v4.8.1 v4.8.2 v4.8.3 v4.8.4 v4.8.5 v4.8.80 v4.8.90 v4.8.95 v4.8.97 v4.9.0 v4.9.1 v4.9.2 v4.9.3 v4.9.4 v4.9.5 v4.9.80
f92f3eb Wolfgang Rohdewald Removed unused file - it was a…
ada9e4b Arno Rehn A patch by Ian Monroe and myself to modularize th…
fd3f0cc Chris Michael Burel Add support for Qt::File::read and Qt::DataStream…
0f73c55 Funda Wang add package find in subdirs v4.5.85 v4.5.90 v4.5.95
9277547 Funda Wang update include file path
bc9524c Funda Wang fix include directory to smoke.h
67ff6a9 Funda Wang fix include directory to smoke.h
c60bd4b Chris Michael Burel Change Q_DBUS_EXPORT to the more standard Q_DECL_…
de539c3 Chris Michael Burel, Allow client modules to …
f9f8ca3 Funda Wang should be Q_DBUS_EXPORT rather than QDBUS_EXPORT v4.5.80
597b7d3 Chris Michael Burel The perl tests were skipped in my last commit.
d577c66 Chris Michael Burel When initially making the separate perl modules f…
v4.14.3 Create tag for 4.14.3
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