Fix tests build with Qt 4.7
author Anselmo Melo
committer Anselmo Melo
commit 6e4024849e09af2a6b68ca2399953dd96857a636
tree 48f7b1a5cbebb4b4dcb82a7a7e7e7062674d8c1d
parent d713b5366c3f398859b2ebe40af4b6ca0111cf73
Fix tests build with Qt 4.7

Changes introduced by
modifies the macro QDBUS_EXPORT to Q_DBUS_EXPORT. This commit updates the code
where the macro is used and also adds an ifdef to keep it compiling with
Qt < 4.7.

I know the default scenario is to compile with Qt 4.6, but as 4.7 is about
to be released, I chose to adjust the code according to the upcoming version.