descriptionlibmediawiki is a KDE C++ interface for "MediaWiki": based web service as "":
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3df0a45 Andrius Štikonas Fix configure error. master
2ebdba1 Gilles Caulier polish
a468a89 Gilles Caulier cmake min 3.0.0
37ffc95 Gilles Caulier we don't need i18n in this library. The only stri…
891a230 Peter Potrowl Fix login action. Fixes #356673
a5cd0ea Shourya Singh Gupta CMP0063 policy fix.
63ce938 Gilles Caulier fix cmake warnings
9e4ae20 Gilles Caulier dupplicates
df36342 Gilles Caulier kdocbook is only required with translations
4c3d19b Alexander Potashev Install camel case headers
17550db Gilles Caulier Merge branch 'frameworks'
7fc8d4d Alexander Potashev Use Q_DECL_HIDDEN to unexport private classes frameworks
19a6294 Gilles Caulier polish
6c7ff65 Nicolas Lécureuil Fix headers location
8921e1c Gilles Caulier fix CR #1316714
efcf853 Gilles Caulier fix Coverity Report #1316717