descriptionLibkgeomap is a wrapper around different world-map components, to browse and arrange photos over a map.
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c941c68 Michael Palimaka Remove unused dependency. master Applications/16.08 v16.07.80
7632f96 Albert Astals Cid Compile++ Applications/16.04 v16.04.1 v16.04.3 v16.03.80 v16.03.90 v16.04.2 v16.04.0
d363e11 Gilles Caulier Merge branch 'master' into frameworks Applications/15.12 v15.12.2 v15.12.3 v15.11.80 v15.11.90 v15.12.0 v15.12.1
ed6853e Gilles Caulier fix unregistered meta type reported by Qt on the … frameworks
376ce9d Alexander Potashev backends: Fix build
1c6e616 Alexander Potashev Update
6c576e9 Alexander Potashev GroupStateComputer: cleanup
641013c Gilles Caulier GroupStateComputer needs to be shared
f699815 Gilles Caulier fix warnings
f95c893 Gilles Caulier polish
bf3c6fe Gilles Caulier fix linking due to last changes in libkexiv2
01f12b1 Gilles Caulier fix broken compilation : version header not found
98a5d82 Alexander Potashev Fix build
8b434b6 Alexander Potashev backends: Rename class BMLayer to BackendMarbleLa…
2e94176 Alexander Potashev Rename files according to class names
f272590 Alexander Potashev Rename class KGeoMapWidget to MapWidget
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v16.03.80 Create tag for 16.03.80
v15.12.3 Create tag for 15.12.3
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