descriptionKDE bluetooth framework libraries.
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241d213 David Rosca Only delete adapter when removed from m_adapters … master
a316b2a David Rosca Delete adapter only after all devices from the ad…
338bad3 David Rosca Adapter: Add back alias() and setAlias() for bina…
8d177d5 David Rosca Bump version number to 2.1 v2.1
ec29ea8 David Rosca Adapter::name() now returns alias of adapter
c9c1151 David Rosca Check adapter for nullptr in interfacesAdded/inte… v2.0
e7bb4e3 Sebastian Kügler Use GNUInstallDirs instead of creating a custom L…
7bb223c Pino Toscano docs: fix apidox generation, and tag file handling
a009d8b Pino Toscano remove qt4 tag file
e4714e6 Àlex Fiestas Do not set m_usableAdapter in findUsableAdapter
c76d6e5 Àlex Fiestas Do not set the Adapter back to powered
d013cc2 Àlex Fiestas Try to do better job handling powered/unpowered.
c14f49f Àlex Fiestas Add Adapter::alias property (alias and setAlias)
5c30d17 Àlex Fiestas Merge branch 'bluez5' v2.0-rc1
fbf414a Àlex Fiestas Add Manager::devices, which returns all devices f… bluez5
00ad1d9 Àlex Fiestas Fix oxygen and const of latest added api
v5.2.2 Tagging 5.2.2
v5.2.1 Tagging 5.2.1
v5.2.0 Tagging 5.2.0
v5.1.95 Tagging 5.1.95
v2.1 Version 2.1
v2.0 Version 2.0
v2.0-rc1 First version supporting BlueZ5
v1.9.4 Changelog:
v1.9.3 Version 1.9.3 of libbluedevil
v1.9.2 Fix bug: 288865
v1.9.1 Improved startDiscovery behaviour
v1.9 Tag version 1.9
v1.8.1 Tag version 1.8.1.
v1.8 Tag v1.8 version
v1.7 Tag v1.7
v1.6 Tag v1.6