descriptionNepomuk integration service for Telepathy
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36befdb David Edmundson Mark as merged into ktp-common-internals. master
0b38b12 David Edmundson Set nco:ContactUid on new contacts. It is comprom…
0b0db46 Aleix Pol Optimization on the ContactIdentifier hash
54a073d David Edmundson Populate new contact alias, avatar and groups on …
35f8f50 l10n daemon script SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
977ee1a l10n daemon script SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
e9e1e9e Martin Klapetek Set the nco:nickname() on nco:PersonContact too w…
95a0082 Martin Klapetek Fix build
86ffce4 Martin Klapetek Store Tp nickname as nco:nickname on nco:PersonCo…
0fb5d14 Vishesh Handa Create and cache the contact groups
795d194 Vishesh Handa Make sure PersonContact is a nie:DataObject
92a33f0 Vishesh Handa Make sure the Nepomuk data is discardable
e1be620 Martin Klapetek Coding style++
de11d54 Martin Klapetek Start feeding data with new contacts right away
ed735a9 Martin Klapetek Don't delete teh account when connection goes down
13b1d91 Script Kiddy SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)