descriptionTelepathy KDE integration library
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741a713 Daniele E. Domenichelli Fix build with debug enabled master
436b5c6 George Goldberg Add basic gitignore file.
15c672b Francesco Nwokeka Created plugin to access nepomuk models via QML p…
4ea6423 George Goldberg Merge branch 'contact-improvements'
132d8f0 George Goldberg Make the localAccount Nepomuk resource be accessi…
ca87221 George Goldberg Add a property to contacts that gives the IM ID.
6e5f8e3 George Goldberg Make Contact objects store a Nepomuk::Resource fo…
9400468 George Goldberg Fix a couple of typo's in Signal/Slot connections.
7d981ff George Goldberg No need for the presence KIcons to be pointers.
720cd41 George Goldberg Remove all the deprecated code from the library t…
b9f6aab George Goldberg Fix all the basic Contact, Person and PersonSetMo…
d900c94 George Goldberg Use Tp::ConnectionPresenceType instead of uint in…
aa220f8 Pino Toscano i18n: missing verb in message
c6d1f72 Pino Toscano i18n fixes
a29c800 Pino Toscano i18n fixes
a5da426 George Goldberg Major work on Contact, Person and PersonSetModel …