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567c796 Montel Laurent GIT_SILENT: 5.3.40 master
859ff96 Montel Laurent GIT_SILENT: Prepare future 5.3beta1. v16.07.80
1167620 Montel Laurent GIT_SILENT: Prepare future 5.3beta1.
8b86d87 Montel Laurent GIT_SILENT: Time to increase version
ecf6f91 Montel Laurent USe KF5_VERSION
57fc146 Allen Winter src/formatter.cpp - follow non-deprecated formatI…
0b2c945 Montel Laurent Simplify update version
8941f34 Montel Laurent master is open
508d975 Montel Laurent Prepare 16.04 v16.03.80
babf028 Montel Laurent increase version
5cd155b Aleix Pol Let KDE*CompilerSettings change the policies in t…
7b4f7da Montel Laurent Increase version
4b8950f Sergio Martins Improve readability
7043efc Sergio Martins Use currentDateTimeUtc() instead of currentDateTi… Applications/15.12 v15.12.2 v15.12.3 v15.11.80 v15.11.90 v15.12.0 v15.12.1
f977de0 Montel Laurent increase version
af65b09 Sergio Martins Don't call qgetenv("TZ") twice
v16.07.80 Create tag for 16.07.80
v16.04.3 Create tag for 16.04.3
v16.04.2 Create tag for 16.04.2
v16.04.1 Create tag for 16.04.1
v16.04.0 Create tag for 16.04.0
v16.03.90 Create tag for 16.03.90
v16.03.80 Create tag for 16.03.80
v15.12.3 Create tag for 15.12.3
v15.12.2 Create tag for 15.12.2
v15.12.1 Create tag for 15.12.1
v15.12.0 Create tag for 15.12.0
v15.11.90 Create tag for 15.11.90
v15.11.80 Create tag for 15.11.80
v15.08.3 Create tag for 15.08.3
v15.08.2 Create tag for 15.08.2
v15.08.1 Create tag for 15.08.1