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1acd7f9 l10n daemon script Qt 5.5.0 is now required, as discussed on kde-fra… master
50a9d8f Sven Brauch do not ask for overwriting a file twice with nati…
12f95b9 Milian Wolff Don't reference non-existent Symbol attribute and…
0e48dd1 Pino Toscano debianchangelog.xml: add Debian/Bullseye
0536e65 l10n daemon script Upgrade KF5 version to 5.25.0.
8f1811f Philipp A added FASTQ syntax
d1d81a8 Pino Toscano debianchangelog.xml: add Ubuntu/Xenian & Ubuntu/Y…
ed8182e l10n daemon script Upgrade ECM and KF5 version requirements for 5.24…
7706601 Dominik Haumann Show Scrollbar Text Preview after a dealy of 250ms
9ba2912 Dominik Haumann GIT_SILENT: const correctness
ab2da97 Christoph Cullmann hide preview and stuff on view content scrolling
eeb220d Christoph Cullmann set parent + toolview, I think this is needed to …
0d1977b Christoph Cullmann set parent + toolview, I think this is needed to …
03fc02c Christoph Cullmann Remove "KDE-Standard" from encoding box
916a0cc Christoph Cullmann folding preview on per default
85b1db3 Christoph Cullmann Avoid dashed underline for preview & avoid poison…
v5.24.0 Create tag for 5.24.0
v5.24.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.24.0
v5.23.0 Create tag for 5.23.0
v5.23.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.23.0
v5.22.0 Create tag for 5.22.0
v5.22.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.22.0
v5.21.0 Create tag for 5.21.0
v5.21.0-rc2 Create tag for 5.21.0
v5.21.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.21.0
v5.20.0 Create tag for 5.20.0
v5.20.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.20.0
v5.19.0 Create tag for 5.19.0
v5.19.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.19.0
v5.18.0 Create tag for 5.18.0
v5.18.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.18.0
v5.17.0 Create tag for 5.17.0