descriptionKrusader is an advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE and other desktops in the *nix world, similar to Midnight or Total Commander.
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53465ba Yuri Chornoivan Fix my typos master
bef5c91 Yuri Chornoivan Add description for the new popup panel button
3ed2499 Alexander Bikadorov Fixing URL decoding if local path contains '%' or…
777a98b Alexander Bikadorov New Button for changing the panel popup position …
e7d8a5d Alexander Bikadorov Zoom with mouse wheel + CTRL key in view
a9a18f7 Alexander Bikadorov Fixing various coding problems found with static …
d1876e0 Yuri Chornoivan Sync docs with code. Avoid shortcuts conflict.
52757fc Alexander Bikadorov New KrSearchBar class as replacement for QuickSea…
4367d01 Alexander Bikadorov Fix crash on quit.
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2fe9c78 Yuri Chornoivan Update links to katepart docs for KF 5
7b04708 Yuri Chornoivan Normalize help URL (help:foo ->help:/foo)
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5784fd9 Alexander Bikadorov Replacement for fixing escape key press event in …
f46461e Yuri Chornoivan Update for the new Konfigurator options
b63fe6a Yuri Chornoivan Update command line options docs
v2.4.0-beta3 Tagging krusader-2.4.0-beta3
v2.4.0-beta2 Tagging krusader-2.4.0-beta2
v2.4.0-beta1 Tagging krusader-2.4.0-beta1
v2.3.0-beta1 Tagging krusader-2.3.0-beta1
v2.2.0-beta1 Tagging krusader-2.2.0-beta1
v2.1.0-beta1 Tagging krusader-2.1.0-beta1
v2.0.0 Tagging krusader-2.0.0
v2.0.0-beta2 Tagging the krusader-2.0.0-beta2 release
v2.0.0-beta1 Tagging krusader-2.0.0-beta1
v1.90.0 Tagging krusader-1.90.0
v1.80.0 Tagging krusader-1.80.0
v1.80.0-beta2 Tagging krusader-1.80.0-beta2
v1.80.0-beta1 Tagging krusader-1.80.0-beta1
v1.70.0 Tagging krusader-1.70.0
v1.70.0-beta2 Tagging krusader-1.70.0-beta2
v1.70.0-beta1 Tagging krusader-1.70.0-beta1