descriptionKrusader is an advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE and other desktops in the *nix world, similar to Midnight or Total Commander.
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84bf36b Hrvoje Senjan Don't hardcode appdata location master
2ebf113 Alexander Bikadorov New release version: 2.5.0 v2.5.0
65b9230 Alexander Bikadorov Updated docs for next release 2.5.0
5582ed5 Alexander Bikadorov Workaround for closed tabs not correctly removed …
9d7f0c9 Alexander Bikadorov Updated about data
e9ea9bc Martin Kostolný Fix for diff. revision https://phabricator.kde.or…
d0a854f Alexander Bikadorov Additions to updatd terminal emulator execution (…
efb3f50 Martin Kostolný Add plugin actions to popup menu
d00caf4 Alexander Bikadorov Do not allow to hide the "Name" header column in …
d5c70df Alexander Bikadorov Use KRun for "Open with"->"Other..." dialog
8510d26 Martin Kostolný Show always text when viewer is in text-mode
041e140 Martin Kostolný Update terminal emulator default value + provide …
639f6c1 Alexander Bikadorov Fix for context menu "Open with"->"Other..." opti…
834a760 Martin Kostolný Fix of commit 905973070d7e753e51c30168b777d0ac9a3…
6149906 Martin Kostolný Docbook parse error fixed
8187ef0 Yuri Chornoivan More on the bookmarks file
v2.5.0 Tagging krusader-2.5.0
v2.4.0-beta3 Tagging krusader-2.4.0-beta3
v2.4.0-beta2 Tagging krusader-2.4.0-beta2
v2.4.0-beta1 Tagging krusader-2.4.0-beta1
v2.3.0-beta1 Tagging krusader-2.3.0-beta1
v2.2.0-beta1 Tagging krusader-2.2.0-beta1
v2.1.0-beta1 Tagging krusader-2.1.0-beta1
v2.0.0 Tagging krusader-2.0.0
v2.0.0-beta2 Tagging the krusader-2.0.0-beta2 release
v2.0.0-beta1 Tagging krusader-2.0.0-beta1
v1.90.0 Tagging krusader-1.90.0
v1.80.0 Tagging krusader-1.80.0
v1.80.0-beta2 Tagging krusader-1.80.0-beta2
v1.80.0-beta1 Tagging krusader-1.80.0-beta1
v1.70.0 Tagging krusader-1.70.0
v1.70.0-beta2 Tagging krusader-1.70.0-beta2