descriptionA stopwatch application for KDE
last change
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750c3b9 Elvis Angelaccio Use new connect-style with KStandardAction master
47091d1 Elvis Angelaccio This is not a slot
54ed72d Elvis Angelaccio Fix typo
6a952f9 Elvis Angelaccio cmake: BUILD_TESTING is already checked by ecm
5e9136d Elvis Angelaccio Drop unnecessary local variable
8cf712d Elvis Angelaccio Don't duplicate logic
02ad54c Elvis Angelaccio sessionmodel: simplify flags()
4e83d2d Elvis Angelaccio models: simplify setData() logic
79b7dc2 Elvis Angelaccio QList -> QVector
757daf8 Elvis Angelaccio Switch to enum classes
3d59263 Elvis Angelaccio Fix apidox bug
40a4fcb Elvis Angelaccio static const -> static constexpr
19e0b9a Elvis Angelaccio Group code into 3 static libraries
cbc7ad9 Elvis Angelaccio Merge branch '2.1'
d0f5e6e Elvis Angelaccio Reset the session on stopwatch reset
c081e3c Elvis Angelaccio Fix restoring of window size
v2.1.0 Kronometer 2.1 release
v2.0.2 Hotfix for Qt 5.6
v2.0.1 Fixed window's default height
v2.0.0 Kronometer 2.0 major release
v1.6.0 UI improvements in Settings dialog and bugfixing
v1.5.2 Fixed wrong GPLv2 version in COPYING file
v1.5.1 Fixed error preventing Opensuse RPM builds
v1.5.0 Important new features; fixed bug 338540
v1.4.2 Removed option to hide the statusbar
v1.4.1 Upper toolbar is now correctly removed
v1.4.0 Small fix in laps widget; fixed bug 336904
v1.3.0 Major UI improvements
v1.2.2 Removed trailing commas preventing compilation on old compilers
v1.2.1 Updated documentation
v1.2.0 Option to hide statusbar; documentation in docbook format
v1.1.2 Fixed window modified placeholder bug on stopwatch reset