descriptionA QtQuick plugin to render beautiful and interactive charts
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2f430b9 Sebastian Gottfried more README updates
3d56a2a Sebastian Gottfried README: fix grammar/spelling errors
93b995e Sebastian Gottfried add README file
be69179 Sebastian Gottfried new demo: dynamicdata
d5b9179 Sebastian Gottfried relicense some files to LGPL
30f4e3d Sebastian Gottfried ChartModel: excise the seperate Value type
cea528c Sebastian Gottfried fix license for simple demo
1eb38ec Sebastian Gottfried add a minimal demo
6470282 Sebastian Gottfried introduce ChartModel, Record and Value types
464e324 Sebastian Gottfried API documentation for the QML types KDE/4.13 v4.12.80 v4.12.90 v4.12.95 v4.12.97 v4.13.0 v4.13.1 v4.13.2 v4.13.3
5076431 Sebastian Gottfried LegendItem: rename color property to textColor
6d41014 Sebastian Gottfried add the dimension to the arguments passed with th…
99c26f0 Sebastian Gottfried rename project to 'kqtquickcharts'
14d49d5 Sebastian Gottfried relicense to LGLP 2.1+
bb487de Sebastian Gottfried line graphs: new 'textRole' property
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