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e64bf12 l10n daemon script Qt 5.5.0 is now required, as discussed on kde-fra… master
bb26459 David Faure [autotest] skip test that relies IsNullHook if Qt…
6d1abc2 David Faure KIconLoader: massive speed improvement for loadin…
35b1f29 David Faure Add benchmark test for unknown icons
90b6624 David Faure QFile::exists -> QFileInfo::exists, slightly fast…
7f3f28c Christoph Feck Do not clear search line when switching category
0abf1b7 David Rosca KIconEngine: Fix QIcon::hasThemeIcon always retur…
a6d01ac l10n daemon script Upgrade KF5 version to 5.25.0.
822e34d l10n daemon script Upgrade ECM and KF5 version requirements for 5.24…
482a9b2 David Faure [autotest] Fix compilation with Qt 5.4
c46abc5 David Faure GIT_SILENT remove unused vars
45254ae Christoph Feck Fix typos
0e07d1b David Faure mention the cmake option to get the .rcc file
4027b20 David Faure Formatting fixes for…
6bec74e David Faure Document icon theme deployment
881d7c9 David Faure [autotest] clear cache to fix unittest in CI
v5.24.0 Create tag for 5.24.0
v5.24.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.24.0
v5.23.0 Create tag for 5.23.0
v5.23.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.23.0
v5.22.0 Create tag for 5.22.0
v5.22.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.22.0
v5.21.0 Create tag for 5.21.0
v5.21.0-rc2 Create tag for 5.21.0
v5.21.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.21.0
v5.20.0 Create tag for 5.20.0
v5.20.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.20.0
v5.19.0 Create tag for 5.19.0
v5.19.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.19.0
v5.18.0 Create tag for 5.18.0
v5.18.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.18.0
v5.17.0 Create tag for 5.17.0