improve selection of GnuPG binary
author Rolf Eike Beer
committer Rolf Eike Beer
commit 954c7c3e8a1b8313bae8d717c557df8b7eafba12
tree 60a687426df34ed1857e9976c73fcf37d1dde7f0
parent 7eb5ed3e439edf06fe4da36a12bb435a7e38905e
improve selection of GnuPG binary

Search for the full path of the binary, this will avoid scanning through the
path on every invocation. Also prefer the "gpg2" binary over the "gpg" one as
it has the more modern interface.

(cherry picked from commit 7d58ee47f10f6457b3ca4a1f3ec4c1cebacec0e2)