descriptionKDEWin is a supplementary library and provides supplementary tools which are required for compiling KDE applications on Windows.
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817dc9f Hannah von Reth Make png2ico optional master
866a811 Gleb Popov Include right header for utime.h.
b7cc9f2 Patrick von Reth Define _POSIX_C_SOURCE in ming/include/time.h if …
30830c7 Kevin Funk MSVC2015: Define tzname/tzset
611e7b8 Gleb Popov Follow-up commit to the previous one.
e81365b Gleb Popov Fix build with MSVC 2015
99097f4 Ralf Habacker Update version to 0.5.11. v0.5.11
eba4bce Michael Abrahams Update math includes for current MSVC.
15e8f16 David Faure set cmake_min_req to match kdelibs, as the commen…
3977b14 Ralf Habacker update version to 0.5.10 v0.5.10
f7be7dd Ralf Habacker Add macro FIXWINH_NO_UNDEF_INTERFACE to be able t…
b256017 Ralf Habacker update version to 0.5.9 v0.5.9
3358984 Ralf Habacker Add KDEWIN_NO_LOCALTIME_R and KDEWIN_NO_GMTIME_R …
3d4028c Ralf Habacker mingw32 header version >= 4.0 defines more S_I...…
3f6fa6e Ralf Habacker Fix gcc 4.8 cross compile error.
9c9e227 Ralf Habacker update version to 0.5.8 v0.5.8
v0.5.11 version 0.5.11
v0.5.10 version 0.5.10
v0.5.9 version 0.5.9
v0.5.8 version 0.5.8
v0.5.7 version 0.5.7
v0.5.6 add a 0.5.6 release