descriptionKDEWin Installer is for installing KDE applications on Windows. The latest version can be downloaded from
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f58d695 Ralf Habacker Fix Qt5 build support for packager. master
fb65a10 Ralf Habacker Add linux support for running windows helper appl…
4752182 Ralf Habacker qt5 fixes; QT_INCLUDES is not used anymore.
6db91d0 Ralf Habacker qt5 fix: only include qt guit header when buildin…
df4661e Ralf Habacker Apply qt5 cross compile fixes.
e491fa9 Ralf Habacker installer-gui: Disable next button on post proces…
03b834f Ralf Habacker Check if the selected install directory is writab…
149cd47 Ralf Habacker Check if the selected download directory is writa…
b9fb613 Ralf Habacker single-package-installer: remove not available qr…
13139a1 Ralf Habacker single-package-installer: increase label width of…
da690c3 Ralf Habacker single-package-installer: update version to 1.1
b70dfd9 Ralf Habacker single-package-installer: print out all site name…
7baccff Ralf Habacker single-package-installer: set default install par…
1972fdd Ralf Habacker single-package-installer: Set fall back url to ww…
c6173e4 Ralf Habacker typo fix v1.0.1
697b16a Ralf Habacker add changes for 1.0.1
v1.0.1 version 1.0.1
v0.6.4 release 0.6.4
v0.9.4-0 release 0.9.4-0
v0.9.4-1 release 0.9.4-1
v0.9.6-1 release 0.9.6-1
v0.9.6-2 release 0.9.6-2
v0.9.6-3 release 0.9.6-3
v0.9.7-1 release 0.9.7-1
v0.9.8-1 release 0.9.8-1
v0.9.8-2 release 0.9.8-2
v0.9.9-0 release 0.9.9-0
v0.9.9-1 release 0.9.9-1
v0.9.9-2 release 0.9.9-2
v0.9.9-3 release 0.9.9-3
v0.9.9-4 release 0.9.9-4
v0.9.9-5 release 0.9.9-5