Revert "Bracket modules into sorted tiers."
author Michael Pyne
committer Michael Pyne
commit e1a2c2850336285b90bc0e1cebaa5fe2b1ce0770
tree dbf8f67553c176695479a74ea3afaebdee723d28
parent 9d7fd3b3cda86ef38cd03fb0d54dd0aba8e78e6f
Revert "Bracket modules into sorted tiers."

This reverts commit 089edc6a73646bce540d39c784fd2991cdefd1d2.

Although auto-grouping is a nice easy way to get approximately right
dependency ordering, it doesn't work in all situations.

The "Best" thing would be to only sort within kde-project modules (as
expanded) but for now just back out this commit so I don't break
customized rc-files.