Fix check for qmake.
author Michael Pyne
committer Michael Pyne
commit 9b3a8547116047198d7a751bb630ab5741096aaf
tree 74d028cb55579eb22bcf86c17a9622ac6b402734
parent 8a000601394e97242532846366029a7357b202d5
Fix check for qmake.

qmake isn't always named 'qmake'. kdesrc-build searches for qmake before
it runs to avoid having to take a long time to fail to build dozens of
modules, but should search for the same names looked for by the FindQt4
cmake check.

In addition to correcting the check, I've also fixed the usage of
'qmake' in the QMakeBuildSystem. Thanks for the prompt bug report! (And
please re-open if this fails for you, it's a bit more difficult for me
to thoroughly test)