imload_png: Remove incorrect extra libpng call.
author Michael Pyne
committer Michael Pyne
commit a5cc5111d6dd640e63779e0bb46ca75dee80f714
tree 248a7fae7df757e0b688a8ee640fbf0e6ba84741
parent d3b4655ff703347a6561062cf2a8640ffbed86fa
imload_png: Remove incorrect extra libpng call.

KHTML's PNG decoder has an apparently extraneous call to a libpng
function, as reported by libpng developer John Bowler.

png_read_update_info already does the work required by
png_read_start_image. This extra work causes the upcoming
libpng-1.6.0-beta18 to fail to load images at all (they will probably
downgrade this to a warning before the 1.6.0 release, but should still
be fixed).

Unfortunately I neglected to commit this when the patch was first
approved, so it will not be present in a release until 4.8.3.