Make KSambaSharePrivate::getNetUserShareInfo less noisy
author Albert Astals Cid
committer Albert Astals Cid
commit 75d7cc47fc071f2270492b027c01dcfb28b089b0
tree d2877cc6836d0f0c189eb760ddc212669ec9a4a5
parent b3dd9ce279f473e4c2fc29fe6ca926e12b0be935
Make KSambaSharePrivate::getNetUserShareInfo less noisy

Each time I open a open dialog i get a complain from KSambaSharePrivate::getNetUserShareInfo that says
kolourpaint(25821) KSambaSharePrivate::getNetUserShareInfo: We got some errors while running 'net usershare info'
kolourpaint(25821) KSambaSharePrivate::getNetUserShareInfo: "net usershare: usershares are currently disabled"
With this patch people like me that have never configured that stop receiving the noise on the shell
Acked by dfaure
REVIEW: 102172