Enable direct rendering for all Mesa drivers
author Martin Gräßlin
committer Martin Gräßlin
commit afe966579d56f85444c432a3a6adf026d2941bd5
tree 5f579aad3ac71eeaffb7ec9d3d97c409136f9a8e
parent 24384fe94aa36f28c323f58150aad0e4703b7331
Enable direct rendering for all Mesa drivers

As KWin requires at least Mesa 7.10 for OpenGL we can be sure
that all Mesa drivers support DRI2 and can enable direct rendering
for it.

Parsing the version string to identify if it is a mesa driver.
This can cause breakage again in future versions of Mesa.
Unfortunately version, vendor and renderer are the only information
queryable just with OpenGL API.
BUG: 270942
FIXED-IN: 4.7.0