[kwin] Work around broken xcb_sync_create_alarm
author Martin Gräßlin
committer Martin Gräßlin
commit 008ac5efabfb99f04813e5dad29c2d0a92d13fc5
tree 9ddb4a436f4bf38d559060efb74503429b4f0de1
parent e511c8eb5594151e02b2b5e0030dec7317f549a0
[kwin] Work around broken xcb_sync_create_alarm

The xcb sync protocol is incorrectly defined (see [1]) which results in
xcb_sync_create_alarm not creating a valid alarm. To work around this
issue we only create the alarm without setting the int64 values. For
those we use the XLib XSyncChangeAlarm call after we verified that the
alarm got created. This unfortunately reintroduces linking against
libxext. But at least resizing works again.

[1] http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xcb/2013-June/008375.html