- remerging of the knewstuff-features branch (from KDE 3.5)
author Josef Spillner
committer Josef Spillner
commit 72a0c9ff651732b21c39b81f2a1f26118e64ddb1
tree 5e049c748e128364030a88ee979a51743dee741f
parent f099edc034366032a0e419906caab431fe38177a
- remerging of the knewstuff-features branch (from KDE 3.5)
- beginnings of support for new GHNS format
- make usage of AE consistent, except for the format itself, which is in BE
(license <-> licence)

The knewstuff-features changes are summarised below:

- support for author email address
- ability to retrieve installed entries from download dialog
- less KIO dialogs popping up, including caching of provider data
- support for (most downloads, most popular, latest) feed variants
- logical links between entries on different tabs in download dialog
- item names can be translated

Since cmake now apparently refuses to do its job, which it did just fine
yesterday, compilation might not even work.

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdelibs/knewstuff/khotnewstuff.cpp; revision=523487