Fix sorting-issue when "Sort folders first" is disabled
author Peter Penz
committer Peter Penz
commit 7120e0166dc886e0a7fcbe03b8b5fb46137b5e75
tree 7b0b2145db2e73dbb89307dc5f249724dd9c2bd1
parent 010699e756d0bb6b8659a65e8af8c08d9c424080
Fix sorting-issue when "Sort folders first" is disabled

The comparison of expanded trees may not assume that directories
are always sorted first and must respect the "Sort folders first"

The sorting-unittest has been extended by a sub-tree and the usecase
of bug 296437. The already deactivated test for
KFileItemModel::expandedParentsCountCompare() has been completely removed
as it has been replaced by testSorting().

BUG: 296437
FIXED-IN: 4.8.2