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a40dd1e Olivier CHURLAUD do not pull everything from the module in __init_… master
292e178 Olivier CHURLAUD Fix remaining call of library as dict
c1fddc1 Olivier CHURLAUD update dependency list and some licences
6679e02 Olivier CHURLAUD Tagfiles are now found + Object representation
48fad56 l10n daemon script Upgrade KF5 version to 5.25.0.
3200bc2 Olivier CHURLAUD KApidox now accepts list for example and doc dire… v5.24.0 v5.24.0-rc1
c22d886 Olivier CHURLAUD GIT_SILENT: Update hardcoded links
e34c35e Michael Palimaka Remove man pages for scripts that no longer exist
f72884d Andreas Cord-Landwehr Add Android to supported platforms
a1cc9a6 Andreas Cord-Landwehr Individually specify supported platforms
7ad77d7 Olivier CHURLAUD Update copyright, set new maintainer
b0e819b Olivier CHURLAUD move resources files to own dir
552ca77 Olivier CHURLAUD remove unused resources
6f23af6 l10n daemon script Upgrade KF5 version to 5.24.0.
9d0e7b5 l10n daemon script Upgrade KF5 version to 5.23.0. v5.23.0 v5.23.0-rc1
acee018 Olivier CHURLAUD Do not consider keyword Q_DECL_HIDDEN
v5.24.0 Create tag for 5.24.0
v5.24.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.24.0
v5.23.0 Create tag for 5.23.0
v5.23.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.23.0
v5.22.0 Create tag for 5.22.0
v5.22.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.22.0
v5.21.0 Create tag for 5.21.0
v5.21.0-rc2 Create tag for 5.21.0
v5.21.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.21.0
v5.20.0 Create tag for 5.20.0
v5.20.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.20.0
v5.19.0 Create tag for 5.19.0
v5.19.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.19.0
v5.18.0 Create tag for 5.18.0
v5.18.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.18.0
v5.17.0 Create tag for 5.17.0