descriptionThe first game for KDE/Gluon
last change
clone urlgit://
6bfc062 Keith Rusler Did some changes to change blok to blocks master
85a5450 Johannes Obermayr Catalog must be blocks.
0ee6d97 Keith Rusler Added for scripty
aa0ce45 Arjen-Wander Hiemstra Make compile
0699f72 Frederik Gladhorn use EIGEN_MAKE_ALIGNED_OPERATOR_NEW
6a1108f Sandro Santos Andrade Updating block list when loading a file
29803a5 Sandro Santos Andrade Updating levels to include textures
11f1683 Sandro Santos Andrade Merge branch 'master' of git://…
3e8532c Sandro Santos Andrade Fixing the mapping, saving of wallpaper and groun…
1048623 Albert Astals Cid fix compilation with newer gluon
09a3b2f Sacha Schutz replace KURL by KUrl
faa2954 Harald Fernengel Allow passing levels as command line arg
b808fa5 Harald Fernengel Fix build on Mac OS X
b8a4aef Albert Astals Cid if the user cancelled, don't do anything
c655999 Sandro Santos Andrade Updating blok editor to meet changes in KGLView.
d4de8a7 Sandro Santos Andrade Creating game objects according to ortho dimensio…