remove LIBRARY_TYPE cmake variable
author Alex Neundorf
committer Alex Neundorf
commit 8a6b267febc287b17a498289ee0079de233186ef
tree 36ddf8834c7f7a2f32916b09585a7b93c21ea9c5
parent f168a763c7716ad5bb04417a2bbc94f1aff024ae
remove LIBRARY_TYPE cmake variable

As discussed, remove the LIBRARY_TYPE cmake variable and
put BUILD_SHARED_LIBS instead into the cache, set to TRUE.
So if somebody wants to build a static library, and the project
allows it (by not explicitely using "STATIC" in add_library()), he
can switch this variable to FALSE in the cache.

Also, put the ARCHIVE library component into the Devel install component,
static libs and Windows lib files belong to the development package.

Use newer write_basic_package_version_file() instead of older write_basic_config_version_file(),
which are identical beside the name