descriptionExtra modules and scripts for CMake.
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5bb9299 Aleix Pol Make sure ECMGeneratePriFile.cmake behaves like t… master
5d10e16 Jonathan Riddell Appstream data changed its preferred location
81f191f l10n daemon script Upgrade ECM version to 5.25.0.
c6ae4fa Andreas Cord-Landwehr Integrate relative library paths to APK v5.24.0 v5.24.0-rc1
2503481 Hannah von Reth Use "${BIN_INSTALL_DIR}/data" for DATAROOTDIR on …
2e71577 l10n daemon script Upgrade ECM version to 5.24.0.
3a75bc7 l10n daemon script Upgrade ECM version to 5.23.0. v5.23.0-rc1 v5.23.0
e0cfec7 Friedrich W. H. Kossebau Android deployment: support projects without thin… v5.22.0 v5.22.0-rc1
d914de9 l10n daemon script Upgrade ECM version to 5.22.0.
b946897 Matthias Klumpp Revert "Update AppStream metadata path"
4b7a90b Matthias Klumpp Update AppStream metadata path
a2d184b Aleix Pol Enables KDE_INSTALL_USE_QT_SYS_PATHS if CMAKE_INS…
f7c1e8d David Faure ecm_qt_declare_logging_category: improve error me…
c6495e7 Peter Wu ECMEnableSanitizers: avoid linking runtime for Cl… v5.21.0-rc1 v5.21.0 v5.21.0-rc2
928e79c Stephen Kelly Fix _ecm_update_iconcache to only update the inst…
0900870 Stephen Kelly Revert "ECMQtDeclareLoggingCategory: Include <QDe…
v5.24.0 Create tag for 5.24.0
v5.24.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.24.0
v5.23.0 Create tag for 5.23.0
v5.23.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.23.0
v5.22.0 Create tag for 5.22.0
v5.22.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.22.0
v5.21.0 Create tag for 5.21.0
v5.21.0-rc2 Create tag for 5.21.0
v5.21.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.21.0
v5.20.0 Create tag for 5.20.0
v5.20.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.20.0
v5.19.0 Create tag for 5.19.0
v5.19.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.19.0
v5.18.0 Create tag for 5.18.0
v5.18.0-rc1 Create tag for 5.18.0
v5.17.0 Create tag for 5.17.0