fix compilation under ARM device.
author Francesco Riosa
committer Francesco Riosa
commit 42b51fc3af4c724bd3b88ed6cd602ea49baf7f18
tree 14364b92b95febdd0f5c5642b30fa14ff83ff6bf
parent 66cd1e459e6656e279754a5ecd647944f148e7c3
fix compilation under ARM device.

qReal translate to different types on different architectures.
Consensus is that the current state of affairs will be kept for qt 5.0
too [1].

Luckily the function affected "SearchFieldRangeInt" is only used to
store exposure times [2] where 6 precision digit suffice.

So we add functions to write <float> and cast to <qReal> where needed
and be done with that.

[2] ChangeLog 2008-07-07 For use with the exposuretime field ...
BUG: 296141

P.S. CustomStepsDoubleSpinBox could be converted to
CustomStepsFloatSpinBox but seem not worth the effort.
Marcel hope you're ok with this