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fa4c501 l10n daemon script SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always… master
291d20e Stefan Burnicki Added MediaItem artwork property, more constructo…
12046c2 Stefan Burnicki Renamed old MediaItem to OldMediaItem
1c9f91a Stefan Burnicki Added new MediaItem and MediaUri classes
b95ea97 Raymond Wooninck Fix the phonon library reference and ensure that …
75cffc4 Eshton Robateau KF5, QT5 platform built with three listengines en…
0aa2ee7 Eshton Robateau base port of listengines and mediaitemmodel
4efc70d Stefan Burnicki Simple new build files, main file.
7ee346b Stefan Burnicki Moved old project to legacy to make room for the …
542c15d Eshton Robateau Merge branch 'master' of git://…
01e1589 Elias Probst Updated address for bug reports.
0fb5d6c Eshton Robateau remove soprano (builds with warnings)
34621c8 Elias Probst Update Andrew Lake's email address (jamboarder@ya…
068fc0c Elias Probst Update homepage URL from to project…
ebdfcd2 Andrew Lake Add back filelistengine, medialistsengine & saved… KF5-port
4ee33f4 Andrew Lake Remove Nepomuk. Get it to build without errors.
2.1 version 2.1
2.1beta 2.1 beta tagging
2.0.1 verison 2.0.1
2.0 2.0 final
2.0RC 2.0RC
2.0beta tag 2.0 beta
2.0alpha tag 2.0 alpha
1.0 version 1.0 tagging
1.0RC 1.0RC tagging
1.0beta3 1.0beta3 tagging
1.0beta 1.0 beta (v0.91) - 1.0 target feature set mostly complete. Bugfix for 1.0 starts with this tag.