Fix stream metadata update via MetaProxy.
author Bart Cerneels
committer Bart Cerneels
commit b4c58f9eff09333ff4ba47681229737cb485e10c
tree 6002c9cd904ac25628b0fc4b9bda46965476ec53
parent 33b14fdc70c9051c9d9ccd0e9194eee1a36d666b
Fix stream metadata update via MetaProxy.

Do to thread affinity EngineController::currentMetadataChanged() signal
was never delivered to MetaStream::Track::Private.
Solved by forcing a direct slot connection.

Note: Stream metadata changes while playing is broken in Phonon-gstreamer
4.6.0 but it's fixed in 4.6.1 according to tdfisher.

BUG: 300334