descriptionLibrary used by KDE Finance applications
last change
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ccfd899 Heiko Becker Silence CMake policy CMP0063 warning master
3269432 Pino Toscano rename 'libalkimia' subdir to 'src'
a306328 Pino Toscano move the tests under a 'autotests' subdir
12a9f44 Pino Toscano cleanup cmake build system
afaf761 Pino Toscano cmake: Qt5Xml is not needed
1fde222 Pino Toscano Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.0'
6bb1f95 Pino Toscano Include a copy of LGPL 2.1 5.0
2e6172a Pino Toscano Fix AlkValue::operator=(QString) w/ valueRef()
36df4ae Cristian Oneț Since GMP is a public dependency of alkimia make …
133197c Christian Dávid Clean up of cmake files
c948fe4 Christian Dávid Corrected install dir of cmake config files
109573d Cristian Oneț Use QCOMPARE instead of QVERIFY.
0783ada Cristian Oneț Don't depend on KDELibs4Support to find GMP.
eb9c062 Heiko Becker Fix build with gcc-4.9 and gmp <= 5.1.3
0efb861 Cristian Oneț Remove unnecessary KDELibs4Support.
1170189 Cristian Oneț Merge branch 'frameworks'
5.0.0 Tag version 5.0.0.
4.3.2 Released 4.3.2
4.3.1 Released 4.3.1
4.3.0 Released 4.3.0